…in these days, after I talked to a friend, I reflected on the fact that it has been now 30 years since I put my foot inside a laboratory where I could work with simple aliments to make them into something that people will appreciate and i stopped thinking about the story of my work life.

But I don’t think about the story of my life as a succession of events, I think of it instead as a consequences of who I am and realized personally.

I’ll never forget the beautiful moment in which the cooker turns on, I was only  a kids and my grandma bewitched me with her fast movement of her hands.

But storied need to stay unique to be creative and true to themselves to be shared.

Everything I learned in these years were created by my experience, every meeting left me always something that in the years is set in a recipe, a plate, a technique.

Something to share with ourself audience: family, friends, colleagues, to focus on your message: transmit and share to behold in memory and leave something.

Because shearing has the power to create relation and transmit emotions that will stay in time.

Here, I want to share with everyone.


“Life isn’t the one that we live, but the one we remember and how we remember to tell it”

                                                                                                    Gabriel Garcia Marquez



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