European conferences on food issues


1) Food sensitivities in the world

Intolerance and allergies. Frequently asked questions about which to reflect.
How additives and industry affect these factors.

2) Return to Earth

Denmark has imposed a law on return to organic products (100% by 2020).
The land is losing its peculiar characteristics, the need to return to cultivation is growing stronger. A winning food choice.

3) Vegetarian and vegan cooking

Theory or practice of living exclusively by nourishing vegetables, fruits, cereals with or without the addition of milk and eggs.
Vegans exclude completely animal products.
Where and how to integrate what is missing.

4) Sustainability

We produce more food than we consume, learn how to re-use the product. How to keep us from waste with fermentation techniques.

5) Food and economy

How to tackle the big issue of cost by staying in the budget of sustainable and organic products with new technologies and great attention to detail.

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